A writer's life is seldom an orderly affair, or at least mine hasn't been, so I thought it might be entertaining to include a page of random snapshots from the past forty years. There's an old poster from SQUANTO, a play of mine performed at Princeton in the Seventies, a couple of my first author photos, that might be good for a laugh. There are shots of me with James Michener at the end of his life, with Denis Johnson at a graduation picnic, another where the president of the university and I seem to have Peter Carey sandwiched. Most outlandish of all are the pictures of me and Marcia Cross taken when I was writing for television when the make-up trailer spiffed me up for the world's briefest screen appearance.

There are also several photos from some of the recent revivals of my very first plays, NO SNAKES IN THIS GRASS, performed at Lincoln Center in the summer of 2011, and AFRICAN MEDEA, done in Savannah in the winter of 2012. These two plays were first performed in the street theaters of Harlem in the Sixites.